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The Joy Is Time

My time has been consumed with idiotic theories,
that my life belongs to you.
annoyed at myself
for believing the truth that my body is not my own,
that my mind must be filled with the lies
that others seem to enjoy.
to make me believe my life is to be purchased.
that my life is to be interrupted,
by the time of you,
by the convictions that have been placed upon my soul.
The joy of my world is not clocked for them,
is not of their concern.
I vowed to live this life accordingly,
for this joy should not compete with the schedule you thought,
with the command of your world.
Tired? yes
because you felt wrong
Tired? yes,
because the joy is not there,
the life is not there
my time is not with them,
My time is joy, scheduled,
On repeat,
For me to enjoy,
for me to feel,
For me to believe

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