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The Greed

Torn between surviving and my mental health,
I am trapped in a world that consumes me with money and overlooks me without.
Traveling on a road that has miles of opportunities only to find that the green is the true nature of time, the true value that they see.
Locked on the word, beyond the the salvation that is humanity,
Struggle is no longer a word that is associated with this land
Quick to write a pill with side effects
Money has you thinking my health is bad,
Money has you thinking my world is stacked with the bills that provide both my stability and my down fall.
My anguish is no longer a word that gives you sympathy,
My tears no longer give refuge.
No longer is their remorse.
No longer is there life in those who fight to build,
Who struggle to succeed.
Money has me shaking with nerves, but calm in my sleep.
Money has me stressed,
Money has me in luxury.
Money has me in the hospital,
But for reasons beyond my health.
The greed, the green, the life we have been forced into.
The life that has enslaved not only our bodies, our souls,and our minds.
Enslaved, our time, enslaved our freedom.
To struggle with money, to struggle without money
This is the greed, the world has built us on.
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