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The Downfall

The struggle is real. Overly real. I have struggled in the last three weeks on setting a reading goal. I'm just going, to be honest. My downfall has been my focus. I focus on so much, that I put myself in a complete trance. I lose myself when I think of the wrong thing at the wrong time. At night for instance, why does my mind wander at night? My focus drifts from bills, to work, to our business, to family, and whatever else may come across. I smoke to calm my nerves, my struggles, my spiral tunnel that never ends. Cannabis truly has changed my way at night. It seems when I smoke at night I reshift my mind to focus on peace. The day is done, the hours have come to night and I must honor God and my body, and rest. Refocus on the importance of life. Work, jobs, life, can give us a complete breakdown if we do not shift our minds to what is important at the moment. The moment is what your, mind wonders from. You tend to still move, as if time and the day are not coming to an end.

The growing number of people I have connected with are moms, and each spoke of cannabis as a saver, a calmer, a relief. We deal with so much, it's no wonder a lot of us suffer from anxiety. We find a niche, our out, a chance to enjoy only our moment, our breaths. The same can be said about books. We turn to books because they give us a chance to move out of state, fly to space, be a princess in West Africa, or a witch within Florida. We move with books, when we combine, CBD, THC, or hemp we truly take part in the words that are in front of us. We can channel a new world. Release from the sounds that are making us sick. Try new things, new wonders, and goals I know I have, I'm giving my mind a chance to rest, let the night be still. There is not much I can do, my hours have been given. My efforts were accepted. Rest, Smoke, Read, Enjoy your life.
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