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The Difficult Effect.

I don’t say hi enough.

I love you enough.

How are you enough,

Pick up the phone enough.

I don’t.

And it’s not to be cruel.

To be petty, to be rude.

I just don’t feel the love enough.

The joy.

The peace.

The vibe.

I don’t sense the understanding.

The real you, trying to know the real me.

I lose out on friends. I lose out on family.

Does it hurt?


But I move on,

I love those that love me.

Speak to those that speak to me.

To say hi.

To say let’s hang,

Should be easy, a breeze.

The difficulty effect, is real.

The time makes the distance, which makes the heartache. the confusion arises,

do they like me?

Or care?

To speak first is never easy,

To speak at all,

When neither knows when to begin.

The challenge becomes the winner,

leaving two, to wonder, to guess.

To never speak again,

To never know the real reason,

the separation, on the loss of words. Time heals, is the saying. But that time,

Truly only causes. More difficulty.

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