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Spring Has Sung

Well, we finally made it to spring. Sunshine, rain, trees blooming, and plants are out and ready to be bought. So far I have purchased three plants, and ya'll I am so in love. Someone asked me the other day, do I have enough room? Lol, I said no but I'm getting them anyway. I purchased an elephant ear for ten dollars at this cute little nursery here in Arlington. An alocasia and my dream plant my Birds of Paradise. The plant I have been searching for since the pandemic started. The birds of paradise are so gorgeous to me, but the price of them can reach way above my pocket limit. The plant Gods blessed me though. I found one at Home Depot for 25 dollars, baby size yes, but I am willing to watch this baby grow into something beautiful.

Need help picking out plants for spring? Email me and I will help you decided which plant is best for you.

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