• Adrienne Griffin

So you want some Plants?

March 21, 2020, I was called at the home on my day off and told I was no longer needed. My first reaction was ok, that's fine. I was not too happy at my place of employment and didn't care if I was let go. Months go by and I am steady going in circles, getting up, cooking for the kids cooking for dinner, cleaning, tv, I was forming a very unhealthy habit. I was slowly losing my mind. I had to figure something out. Had to refocus my mind and try new things. I was becoming trapped in despair and not caring about anything but just staying in the house; it was becoming a problem. I was becoming agitated and annoyed by the smallest things. Darrien was also noticing my change and could tell I was going through something. Before it got worse I decided to buy myself some plants. I started with five, slowly sneaking, I mean bringing them into the home to give me some type of relief. One thing I definitely was cured from, thanks to plants, was my patience. I can be the most impatient person ever. I get annoyed, tired, done with whatever it was they we were supposed to do. I hate waiting for others, hate when a person thinks they know everything and don't give me a chance to speak and say what's on my mind. But with plants, naw, you can't do that. You just

sit back. Wait. Listen and watch. They move on their own time, grow at their own pace. The only thing you can truly do is care and love for them. It is a process that teaches YOU to slow down, give it time (Yourself), and just continue to love while you grow.

I started slowly, nervously. All I could think about was killing every plant I bought, and wasting money. Some survived my virgin green thumbs. Others unfortunately did not make it. But what I learned throughout my plant buying process and studying, is that plants always find a way to survive. Trust me I put some of my plants through the worse. Underwatering, overwatering, getting burnt by sunlight, not enough sunlight, a draft from the air, knocked down by a four year old running around the house. I have done it all. Luckily, I have also been blessed to see so many die, and a few weeks later, a new leaf is forming from the dirt. In those moments I learned, I can do this. I can grow, and nourish my home with beautiful plants. I can start a garden, and feed my family the food they deserve. I am constantly reminded, that plants grow, no matter what. When they are loved, when they are cared for, they will continue to bring you some type of life. Plants are not hard, they are not difficult and everyone of them will not die. So trust me when I say, you can own a plant, you can have a garden. You can be a Plant Parent.

The best and most common house plants that people start with will be listed below. These are the most common for those who are still unsure about becoming a plant parent. Watering these plants will not be a hectic struggle. These plants can do at least two weeks without water. You will notice when your plants are in need. They will slouch, and/or turn brown.


Pothos Plant:

Most Common

Low Light/Bright Rooms

Low Watering


Hoya Plant

Most Common

Low Light/Bright Rooms

Low Watering


Aloe Plant

Snake type plant

Low Lighting

Low watering

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