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Plant Budget

IT IS NOT CHEAP BUYING PLANTS, don't let anyone tell you differently. There are some expensive ass plants in the world. Since the pandemic, plant costs have risen to 20 million dollars, from around April to August. Don't quote me on that 100% but the number was around there. I love plants, love spending money on plants, walking around nurseries. But sometimes, my wallet is yelling at me to put it back. I am cheap and shop cheap. I try to research as much as possible on plant costs and what some plants should be worth. There are a ton of sites to check out in the plant community that all have different or about the same prices. I usually shop Instagram, Walmart, Etsy, Lowes, and local plant shops here in Dallas.

The way I budget myself with plants:

1. I propagate any plant I can. If I can put it in water, I'm doing it. If I can do a quick, best believe I'm cutting. Propagation is one the cheapest way to decorate your house, as well as saving money on plants.

2. I buy baby plants. I buy plants small, I like the little baby plants. With us living in tight quarters, I can't really splurge on huge plants. No more, and they can be pricey. Baby plants usually cost me around 6.99-15.00, and that depends on the kind of plant you are purchasing. I always remind myself as well. This plant will grow and flourish because of my love.

3. I ask, lol. Plants grow we all know that. If I see a plant that is big and flourished and I know I can propagate from it. I'm asking. The plant community is a very open crowd. People just want other people to be happy and receive some amazing healing from plants. Plants bring people together. I have a friend who lives in New York, we never met, only chat via Instagram. My homie sent me spider plants just because we were having a great conversation about plants. I'm sitting here like omg, thank you. This is amazing.

So plants are a connection to life. They don't have to cost you everything, and they shouldn't cost you everything to enjoy your plant beauty. Creating a safe space for yourself. There are way more tips on ways to save money when it comes to purchasing plants and plant supplies. Stay tuned for more tips and updates.

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