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Its A Mix

What would you say if I asked you, What book has taken you on a journey? What plant has given you a run for your money? And when was the last time you read a poem that made you cry?

Things that are supposed to bring us joy can sometimes bring in the strongest emotions, and they are not always good ones. These hobbies, which have become my life, have also been brought into doubt from time to time. "These are too many plants", "I'm not going to read all these books", "why is poetry so sad?" These things are meant to challenge you because they help you prosper in the life that you want. They bring in some mixed emotions, but most of the time you are happy. You enjoy the pleasure of repotting a plant. Finishing a book that took you two months to get through. Finding peace and truth through a poem. Our hobbies are here to help us and make us happy; they also provide great lessons and stories. Think about the last time you read a sad story, like a Toni Morrison book. Think about the tears and smiles you had read that book. How it made you feel, the lessons you took for your own life, or for your own work. The inspiration comes from both good and bad testimonies.

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