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I'm Awake

7:00 am, I awake, the kids are still sleeping Darrien is at work, and I am awake. I try to take advantage of this time. TRY. I don't always make it work but when I get the chance I take my time and enjoy it. The silence, the peace, and the coffee. This is my time to read, write, find my peace of mind before the kids rise and Darrien returns from work. I love this time, granted I get tired by noon, but this time is needed. It gives me Adrienne time, me time, yoga time. Finding time for oneself is important, this is usually the time I have to Think. Especially if I want to write, and this is what I came up with this morning.

The sun has not shown itself to me yet,

The birds have not chirped,

I arise with a stretch,

Breath in the smoke,

Allow my mind so begin fresh,

New, I want my day bright,

Want my time to be cherished,

I begin slow,

To awaken my body,

Strengthen my mind,

Bring joy to my heart.

This day I made mine,

This day I made great

My beginning

~The Natural Poet

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