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Too long and I Know this

See I Wrapped my head around worldly matters

My pen felt neglected and paper fell to dust.

Thought process faded and I struggled to crawl from the entanglement

The second passed and I created just a shamble for me

I have focused too on long things that brought ugliness to my life

I can’t live in dread, despair

My angles are directed in a different time zone

I thought managed time wisely

Counting only breathes

Giving my inner voice a chance to scream

Yell to the sky’s and mother love

Letting her hear my cry my power

God given cry

Releasing my soul pressing

Destruction of weight that bares down on every soul like mine

That hides too much and whimpers

Not shout to the heavens

The simple act took two point 5 seconds

It un hurled mountains

My shadow tried to thwart the efforts

Providing shade instead of following

In line with the rest of me

To take lead my actions had to be uncovered

Reversed , corrected made clear

Achieving and not being

The one who is proud

Releasing my energy of being the perfect

And just being a human

Person of wonder


Of energy

That flows correctly

Seductive in blissful anoint ness

Pure love open heart

Glee in the eye of a human being.

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