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How to Choose?

When it comes to picking a book, how do you choose? There are so many wonderful books in this world, the covers capture you, friends send you recommendations. But how do you choose?

For me, I go off covers most of the time. I know its not good, but still I have done it, and will continue to do it. Its just something about the covers, that just moves me and the book to my cart. Black Sun, by far was my favorite cover of 2020, the black and yellow just combine and give me chills. But the story itself, is also amazing. So covers are not always a flop, they turn out to be amazing reads as well. Sometimes the risk is worth it. I go to the library, for most of my reading. Momma on a budget. So book covers are never really that big of a deal, because if the book is not great, I can always return it. Without the hurt of my wallet. Libraries also have great magazines that tell you about the new books that they will have one their shelves. For in Arlington, my library use magazines called Discovery, and their website constantly updating their new reads.

Friend recommendations are great as well. Especially if you and your friends like the same taste of music, food, adventures, etc. Friend book recommendations can also turn into a book club. Imagine, if you get two or more of friends to all read the same book. That's you getting into reading, along with having a good time with some of your best friends. This forms a bond even stronger, because you are all picking books and establishing what your interests are. Now you guys aren't going to like all the books you pick but this is way to learn what genre keeps your focus the most. You can always form more book clubs, there's no cost in learning what you like.

Finally, the last way to choose, is just picking up a book and reading. Lets say, you watched all the YouTube videos. Seen everyone book review for xy and z. now all you need to do is pick up a book. The hardest part of reading is finding what is interesting to you. But the only way your going to read more, is you picking up a book and reading it. I always tell myself, I'll give it ten minutes, or three chapters. I give myself time, just like with some movies, and cheese, things get better with time. And at "times" you have to just be patient. Wait, read, and see what is exciting. Again, the books are out there. You just have to pick one up and read it.

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