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Finding the Time

Two kids, a home, a man and a life.

SOooo, much to balance on my little shoulders. Finding a way to make it work is hard, but only if it is not planned right. I try to find some type of balance when it comes to reading. Since being at home of course I've had more time. However, that doesn't mean its easier. I try to find any time I can to read. Of course I go through the usual funks, and get distracted ever so easily, but I still try to find the time. Settling with a book, while a four year old runs around is the story of my life. The challenge isn't reading, it's focusing. Getting engaged and falling into the story takes time for me, can take longer if my eyes have to continue to move away from the pages. What I try to do is give myself the time I need, and the time my children need. I read during the day of about an hour, I read with my son while my daughter is writing and/or watching an educational video on YouTube. When the weather is nice we all go sit outside and read together, or if they are over it I let them go outside and play and I'll sit out with them with a book. At night or really evening when Darrien makes it home, after the kids are fed I can crack open my book again. Especially, if Darrien is in need of playing his game. I never budge of fuss when he wants to play some football or Grand Theft Auto, for that's reading time for me. We are busy on weekends; we have more family time than anything. We go out to the park, adventures, trips, museums. So the weekends at night are more my time. I will occasionally ask Darrien to give me a morning. Just a morning of peace and quiet allowing me to just be Adrienne. He'll take the kids to the park or something fun and give me the time I need. Getting that is beautiful, I catch up on reading, smoke alone, enjoy my time, than miss them 5 minutes late, it happens.

The main point is, FIND THE TIME. It's easier than you may think. When you are watching tv, you can read a book. When waiting in line, you can read a book. When bored, you can read a book. The time is not the issue, the issue is you finding something that is worthy of your time. Create schedules, write on posted a time you want to read or a time you are free to read. Send reminders to your phone, when you know you will be free to read. When you see it, and speak of it often you will be amazed. You don't have to read a whole book or even a whole chapter, sit and read for 10 minutes. Set a goal for a certain amount of pages you would like to get through. Don't make reading or finding a book difficult. Just jump

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