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Settling on the brim road, I look to my left to see where my journey should end.
I look to my right and see the road to where my world will begin.

Lost in this world of the unknown,
The fear has now struck a cord.

My heart races,
My hands sweat.

What am I to do?
Who shall I call?

Does anyone know I am still here?
Does anyone care?

I've lost so much before, Tears never once begun,

But with this new freedom.
This new strength, maybe a little luck.

I am lost,
Afraid, like never before.

These paths, these paths that have no footprints,
No story before mine.

I want to create,
To change, but to what, become what?

My hands are for work,
My back has the mark to prove the struggles I lived.

Where is my sign, my arrow, or star?
The questions shall come to my tongue.

The worry shall rest upon my mind.



Be the same as before. Lonely, Misery, Regret.
That is to my left.

That is what I want to leave?

~The Natural Poet

This poem was inspired by my last read Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

Like those that were enslaved and gained their freedom, at times we feel trapped. Wondering where should we travel. Who should we become? We lose sight of our true nature when we are bounded and forced into a world that is not for us. We have to gain our strength from that fear and know that we can accomplish more than what was bread into our heads. Push past what was forced upon us. The struggle for survival and struggle for your true calling is hard to find when there is so much noise-blocking our sound. But once we find that strength and courage, we can move past those doubts and fear and land on something great.

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