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Ok, lets' say you get a book, the recommendations have been crazy. Everyone you follow or love has read this book enjoyed it, smiled, and reviewed this book. You finally get it in your hands open it up, read a few lines, and drop it. Or you read a few pages and chapters and you still drop it. We've all been there, the moment is disappointing. For one, you probably spent money on this book, two you had your hopes high for the book. We've all been there, I have at least sick books on my shelf right now that have bookmarks in them. To not finish a book is not the end of the world. Books can be put down and picked up again. I follow this really cool page on ig, the creator created a platform called mood readers. Basically, you read the books you are in the mood to read. We can't read certain books at certain times, and that is okay. You may be struggling or having a hard time right now in your life. So reading trigger stories or books that have a negative storyline may not be the best thing to read at the moment. Try more uplifting books such as Well-Read Black Girl, this is an amazing book about black women, overcoming their obstacles and finding happiness from within.

Find the book that fits your mood, explore your options. If one book doesn't satisfy put it down, again it is ok to flip it over, put a bookmark in it, set it aside, and find another. We can't all enjoy and like all the same books. But the joy comes from exploring.

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