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A chance

Have you ever gather the most important items in your life? And sat down for a quiet moment. Only to realize you had three hundred things you were suppose to do. Life is crucial and trying to sit and enjoy the things you love can be hard. The challenge of managing life, fun time, and peace should not be a challenge. Between work, family and a side busines, who has time to sit? Who has time for breathing?

Yes we get all those self help books, and guides to living a better life. But let’s face it. We struggle. The world causes so many to struggle, to hurt, to feel guilty about living a life that is almost impossible. We sometimes overwhelm ourselves trying to live the life we see. Live the life that is advertised to us, we see it but cannot reach it.

We must gather time, understand our time. It’s hard but something must be done. I have witnessed many loved ones, living in the world and not being still. Being present within themselves. I know so much life comes our way, and we tend to only focus on the movement of life and not the stillness of it.

I hope and pray you receive your stillness, your breathing, your slow motion. When the time finds itself use it to your fullest ability. Use it and remind yourself why you need to do it. Why you need the peace and great beauty of just sitting still. My biggest goal is asking, asking for my whats and needs. My husband is great at letting me have an hour or two. Those times are filled with a couple of puffs of flower and books. a few rounds of meditation and just laying still. Enjoying the silence, to not hear

Mom? or Hey where is my….?

is pretty amazing.

Get and receive that time. Enjoy it. Live in it. And always remind yourself you need it.

Escaping through clouds and literature.

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