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Ok ya'll, this month has been the biggest reading funk ever. I have only read two books this month. I am praying I can squeeze in one more. Which I need too. But seriously, this month has not been the greatest reading haul for me. I have the books, I have the time. I was just not in a reading spirit.

I feel we get our minds so overwhelmed and filled with all the world around us. We forget to escape and be free. Reading can be the outlet. It can give you the break you have been craving. Get you lost in a romance, or climbing trees in Africa. You could even be in the 50s, living in a scary ass house, with your newly-wedd cousin who went crazy. There are many times I want to get lost in a book. I'll look at it, think yeah this is it, get comfy open it, and a paragraph later. I'm done. At first I thought this was really a problem like, I tell my 8 year old son, to pick up a book constantly, read and read some more. I feel I should lead by example. But, what I have also learned is, Momma busy lol, I am trying to start a business of my own, Darrien and I are trying to start one together. We are trying to move, etc, we have so much going on with us right now. By night time I just want to relax and enjoy some laying down and sleeping.

I am disappointed in myself I didn't read like I should have, but I also know I was thriving and completing goals, fulfilling my affirmations. I was intuned with getting things done. I set my goal for 50 because of months like this. I know there are going to be more times, when the books are there but my mind isn't. I take those times, and use them to be creative, have fun, paint. FYI, since I haven't read a lot this month I have managed to write more poetry, and work on the first two chapters of my book. My goal for 2021 is to look at everything from another point of view. Yes I didn't read five more books this month. But I was able to complete something that can value me and my book reading addiction in the future.

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